Rush Orders Available!

1-2 Week Production Time

Frequently asked questions

When can I expect my order?
Our turnaround time is currently 4 weeks from the order date. We also offer rush, 1-2 week turnaround, which is an additional $20. 
What is the weight of a sign?
Each sign varies, but on average our 24" size weighs 6lbs, our 18" size 3lbs, and 12" size 2 lbs. 
What kind of wood is used?
Our rounds are carefully cut from 1/2" maple wood
How do I hang my sign?
Every sign comes with a sawtooth hanger taped onto the back for customers to attach. to attach: lay the sign face down on a blanket or soft surface. The hanger should be installed centered left-to-right on the top, a little down from the edge of the sign. The sawtooth hanger has one serrated edge which should be face down. Use a hammer to tap the nails sawtooth hanger in place.
Can I get something other than a name? 
Yes! As long as it is not over 25 letters. We can do dates, or a quote. Just type it into the text box how you would like it written. (i.e. Last name in the first text box and date in the second text box.)
What if my son/daughter has two middle names?
No problem! Just enter both middle names in the 'middle name' text box when checking out. Make sure you type it exactly how you would like it on the sign. (i.e. dash or space between the two names). 
Can they be hung outside? 
YES! the stain and paint used is indoor/outdoor.
What is the return policy? 
Because everything is custom and made to order we do not accept returns. If you place an order, and for some reason need to cancel you have 24 hrs to contact us to do so. 
Do you ship worldwide?
We ship only within the US. The reason we don't ship internationally is due to the cost along with customs. We wish we could get our products to anyone and everyone we can. Our 24" weighs about 6 pounds each and the boxes are very large. To ship outside the US is $60 and up. On top of that, there is no control over any additional fees such as customs. We are sorry!
Can you help me with colors? 
If you send me a picture of your room I am happy to help and give my opinion on stain and color choices. This would need to be done prior to ordering, all details are final upon ordering. View our Instagram to for inspiration as well!
How will I know when my order ship?
You will receive an email including tracking number when your order is on it's way.
Can I change my order before it ships?
After purchasing no changes can be made. With everything we make being custom we need all the information upfront in order to stay organized and proficient.
What payment methods do you accept?
payments are accepted via major credit cards or paypal
Want to collaborate? 
We love teaming up with influencers and other businesses!  Feel free to reach out to us via email at 
Can I put a design on my 12" round?
We don't offer our designs for the 12" round size because they are small, in order to best fit the name without the letters being too small that they can't be attached or break we need all the room to work with. 
What if my sign arrives damaged?
Unfortunately we are not responsible for for any damages that occur in transit, a claim will need to be filed to UPS for reimbursement for the sign. We are happy to work with you to resolve any issues to get things resolved. 
Do you offer gift cards on your website?

We do!  We offer electronic gift cards only. These e-gift cards are perfect for a last-minute gift or if you are not sure which item or color to send to a loved one or friend. During the ordering process you will be asked to enter one email address. Please enter your email address.The e-gift card along with an order confirmation email will be sent to you. You can then forward the gift card email to the recipient.  The recipient will receive a unique gift card code that they can use at checkout.  They will enter the code into the appropriate field at checkout to redeem it’s value.